This is me, Andrea, the 37 year old CEO of Gilroy, LLC, which employs a devoted but very busy doctor husband and 3 little blondies. I'm also a recovering lawyer; unapologetic party girl; extreme extrovert; political news junkie; lover of all things outdoors that don’t involve sleeping in it or spiders; avid reader; squishy faced dog lover; newfound church goer; cardio and coffee addict; clean living enthusiast; and seeker of truth, authenticity, and love.

But this is also me. The woman in that picture above was suffering. In the narrow sense, I was suffering that day with a face that felt puffy, with three girls who just wouldnt cooperate (understatement), with a husband who hates having his picture taken, and with a dress that kept blowing in the wind causing me to moon unsuspecting victims just trying to leave work. Most of all I was suffering because I was waiting to get to the one thing I knew was waiting for me on the other side of this photography session - wine.

Aside from being cathartic for me, this blog will document my journey to free myself of that daily longing (especially that day) that I only now realize was the source of much of the pain in my life. I hope to share what I've learned along this path, and to provide hope, tools and resources to the many, many women out there who are unknowingly suffering similarly.