In early 2018, I hesitantly joined Beautycounter as a Consultant because I adored the products and knew I'd be pissed if I saw one more of my friends do it before I did! Since then, I have fallen in love with the mission of this company and with tapping into a creative and entrepreneurial spirit within myself that I had ignored for many years! If you'd ever be interested in learning more about this company or its highly effective, safer skin care and cosmetics, I'd love to talk or send you samples of any goodies I can get my hands on! 





The Flawless in Five is where this whole adventure with Beautycounter began for me. Last Fall my kids and the neighbors thought it would be fun to get into my makeup. That was just awesome, let me tell you... My neighbor also relished cleaning my bronzer out of her bathtub. So, I found myself completely makeup-less and starting from scratch. As I was complaining about my fate to the women I work out with, they all started raving about the Flawless in Five and it hit me - this is how you're all workout hot and I look like I'm going to basketball practice... So, I placed my order and the rest is history. These are now my basics that make me feel put together without feeling made-up, which is how I prefer to spend most of my days. I was never big on foundation but I love the lightweight Tint Skin and the concealer pen is great for hiding mornings that start way too early. The lip glosses are great on their own or to add some glossiness over our popular Lip Sheers. I've found the most popular colors are - Buff, Dahlia (my go-to), and Fig.